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Brahm Vemra

It was interesting to read your quick "survey" and conclude the effect of input (the dismal data) that provided the context for their decisions. All decisions are contextual and given the bleak forecast the outcome is not surprising. It further tell that those who were not provided input were not so informed to the current state and the future anticipated. It would also be interesting to determine, what percent of individuals were entrepreneurial and changed their decision that increased risk but also increased the chance of high return in selected sectors of investment, e.g., stocks.

Brahm Verma


Thanks so much for your comment...yes, it would have been interesting to see how many individuals spotted opportunities in this scenario. May be I can repeat this experiment with a bigger and more diverse sample by getting pple in from diverse backgrounds and occupations. Who knows I might run into the next Warren Buffet, in my survey, who decides to be "greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy"!


Yes it will be interesting to see the results with a diverse group of peoples. It will also be interesting to turn the sides of the two groups. Those not exposed to eco data to be told about it and their reaction- change or no change in allocation plotted. On the other hand if the group who was exposed to this data may now be assured of "All is Well" and observed if their response change or not.


Beautiful reposte to intelligent response...a la reference Warren 'Buffet'.

i am sure the respondent who desired 'safety and warmth' of a pillow to comfort herself and the hard earnings, undoubtedly, got attracted to 'bank failures' in US, which have rather not gone away, in spite of, whole sale (compelled) nationalsation of all banking (especially granting 'undeserved' cushion to the 'notorious and misleading, so-called 'Goldman Sach'(ian) wisdom, drift and thereafter federal assistance provided, so smartly by Paulson(s).

i wish and pray that good sense and discipline is ushered in, as the President has been effective more in rhetoric (to the electorate), confusing to the media, and hardly effective (or making even an iota of permanent change of attitude, heart or strategy with the 'players' of Wall Street; it is evident, are at it 9the same tricks), once again. Power to Berenanke!

Dr. Meenu Anand

Many congrats for coming up with your wonderful survey and amazing results. The impressive tilt towards Bank FDs among the control group shows strong beliefs of people in our banks. It would be interesting to analyse the data across the two sexes.


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